Is card Counting Viable in casinos?

To answer this difficult question, we have presented to you the opinion of some legends of gambling. And we hope their opinions can lead you in the right direction.

Advice from Richard Munchkin

Richard Munchkin has been a popular name in the world of gambling. He was once a very religious follower of card- counting. This seasoned advantage player has also penned books like ‘Gambling Wizards’ and also runs a podcast called ‘Gambling with an edge.’ In his several works, Richard has mentioned the benefits of card counting in the game of blackjack. He has quit card-counting now, the last time he did it was in Russian 2001.

Now years later, talking about card-counting, Richard says that card-counting still exists, he has witnessed stories of several gamblers who still practice card-counting and get thrown out by the casinos a few minutes later. The time for which a gambler can survive in the casino by card counting varies, some get caught in the first 30 minutes, while some may survive for three days. But one has to eventually shift to another casino. Richard states that this technique is not good for people who are addicted to the food at Las Vegas restaurants, because they don’t support card- counting and you might have to leave sooner or later. So, if you can’t compromise on food, stop card- counting in Las Vegas. Also, those who don’t love to switch between casinos should not follow card-counting as getting caught again and again at different casinos can make them spend most of their time on the road.

He ends it by saying that if someone still doesn’t wish to quit the practice, they can keep following it, and make millions until someone asks them to leave. That’s not a bad deal though.

Tommy Hyland

Tommy Hyland, a master of blackjack is very optimistic about card- counting. He accepts that the casino authorities today are a little smarter than they were in the 70s which has led to a little lesser opportunities for the card-counters. But he also argues that as the number of casinos has increased manifolds, the count of smart ones has diminished. It’s not so easy for them to keep eye on everyone and hence card-counting can still be beneficial in the modern era. On being asked about the consequence of card-counting at the casino, Hyland says, that with so many casinos in the state, it’s not a big deal to be thrown out of one if it helps you make millions.

Nicholas Colon

Just like most of the other master gamblers, Nicholas Colon too has moved on to better strategies than card-counting. Nicholas states that the number of card-counters is rapidly decreasing, leaving behind merely 100 card-counters in the state of North America. The modern-age gamblers treat card-counting as an old-fashioned method and have started to rely on new and better strategies to benefit at the table.

However, Nicholas also believes that card-counting is not dead yet, even if it’s near the verge of extinction, it is still alive. There is a lot of difference in the process of gambling in the 70s and today. Nowadays, the authorities have become more alert, the rules of the casino have become more rigid and it is no more so easy to win at the casinos.

After reading the advice of the masters, you can decide if you wish to employ the technique of card-counting at the blackjack table or not. Daftar Judi Online is the best portal for playing blackjack online. The platform also has several other casino games in-store for you.

Shirley Kennady