Should workplace Drug testing be allowed?

In recent years, workplace drug testing has become a common practice. It is done on the premise that drug testing helps reduce the use of drugs in the workplace and improve the employees’ performance and credibility. But some people say that such tests can be manipulated and employees can be removed due to such false reports which will affect their career and life negatively. It is also opposed on the grounds that it interferes with the employees’ right to privacy.

Those in favor of workplace drug testing say that there are a lot of pros of such tests like it encourages workers to be more responsible and avoid incidents of endangering their own and other people’s lives by working under the influence of drugs. Thus, it can be said that it promotes workplace safety and workers’ health. Drug testing can also be helpful for workers who have trouble with substance abuse as it can help identify the problem and the worker can then try to root out this evil with help from his employer and family. But people with drug abuse problems can get to know about fake pee and could use it and other such methods to deceive their employers into thinking that they are not using any drugs. Drug testing can also improve your organization’s reputation as a clean and safe workplace. Improved safety as a result of drug tests can also lead to improved productivity as workers will get motivated knowing that their employer is doing all they can to keep them safe. It also reduces workplace accidents and thus improves productivity.

While there are also certain negative consequences of workplace testing such as it is an invasion of people’s privacy. All the blame for drug use is put on the worker without taking into account the pressure and workload that is placed on the employee. It also does not take into consideration the mental health problems of people who abuse drugs. Rather than helping out such individuals combat their addictions and lead a better life, these tests put them at a risk of losing their jobs and damaging their careers.

So, workplace drug testing is certainly necessary to create a safer and better workplace and help people suffering from drug abuse problems. But these tests should be done by keeping in mind certain ethics such as the tests should be confidential in order to respect the privacy of the employee, employees must know that they are expected to abstain from drug use and that tests are planned, those with positive tests should be given a chance to explain and defend themselves and the provision of addiction counseling and rehab should be provided to employees who test positive.

Shirley Kennady