What are the biggest bets in gambling history?

Gambling industry worth billions of dollars. We are not kidding, it is literally flourishing as there are millions of people who are big fans of gambling. The trend of gambling has always increased and after the introduction of the internet, its trend boosted. The gambling games were easier to access and people were able to place bets from anywhere at any time. That attracted more and more people.

Due to this forever increasing trend of gambling, it has a rich history. Today we are here to talk about some of the biggest bets made in the gambling industry.

“Mattress Mack” – Loses $13 Million on Astros World Series Bet

Jim Mattress Mack McIngvale is known to be one of the biggest fans of the Houston Astros. The fandom of Huston-area furniture mogul can be seen clearly as he placed net worth millions of dollars on the Stros. At that time, The Astors were entering in the Game 7 of 2019 world 0series. It was a promise from McIngvale to refund customers who bought mattresses worth more than $3,000 if Houston won. $13 million were also wagered by Mattress Mack on the Astros winning prior to and during the playoffs. In order to get all of this action, he was supposed to spread his bets around sportsbooks from Mississippi to Vegas. Don’t think that McIngvale is some sort of gambling fiend. In fact, he utilized the $13 million in a smart way as he hedged his mattress refund promotion.

After all, he would have given an amazing amount of bedroom sets for free if Houston had won. It was told to CNN by McIngvale that many customers could have taken mattresses worth $3k+. The game was won by a score of 6-2 by The Washington and was declared as the 2019 World Series champs. We think that Mattress Mack was more upset about the loss of world series than his losing wagers. McIngvale is very famous for his TV commercials and philanthropy in Huston. Because of his generous nature, he opened the door of his bedding store for people displaced by both Tropical Storm Imelda (2019) and Hurricane Harvey (2017). But this is not just it, he also provided $10 million worth of refunds to his customers when the Astros won the 2017 World Series.

Sir Ride A Lot – Wins $6 Million on Dodgers World Series Bet

It was during the world series of 2017 when a mysterious European came to Las Vega and placed a couple of huge Moneyline bets on the famous L.A. Dodgers. That unknown person kept winning and let his wins ride on the upcoming results. Due to this, he got a tag of “Sir Ride A Lot.” He won a complete $6 million in just the first five games. He justified his tag of Sir Ride A Lot as he put all the money on L.A, winning Game 6. After the Dodgers hit a win, he gained $8million. Sir Ride A Lot considered placing a bet with $14 million on the Dodgers winning Game 7.

William “The Suitcase Man” Bergstrom – $1 Million Craps Bet in 1984

It was in the 1980s when a real estate agent turned into a high-stakes gambler and his name was William Bergstrom. He placed the largest bet of the time in Vegas when he entered Binion’s Gambling Hall. He entered the club with two suitcases. One had $777,000 and the other was surprisingly empty. He came with an empty suitcase just in case he wins. The reason he chose Binion was that he heard that the casino honors the first time visitors and their bets- it doesn’t matter how large it is. He placed the bet worth $777k in craps on the don’t pass line. The man with the suitcase won a huge amount and exited the casino with a profit of $777,000.

After he left Binion’s he didn’t come back until 1984 that is almost 3 year which is quite a long time. In this second return, he brought $538,000 with himself to place at the table of craps and luck made him win this time too. But rather than winning and leaving the place, he stayed and placed three more bets with a smaller amount. These small bets made $117,000, $655k in total. But this wasn’t his last visit as Bergstrom came back in late 1984 and this time he became the first person to bet $1 million in Vegas. He placed a bet of $550k in cash, $140k in gold coins and $310k in checks on the don’t pass line. This time he lost when the shooter hit a win on the come-out roll. After just a couple of months, he committed suicide by overdosing on prescription pills. It is believed that he was suffering from depression.

Billy Walters – Wins $3.5 Million Super Bowl Wager

Billy Walters was a professional sports gambler and he built his profession on the principles of solid bankroll management. But, he wasn’t able to stop himself from going overboard on the New Orleans Saints in Super Bowl XLIV (2010). Indianapolis Colts had an underdog and that was The Saints. Walter wasn’t sure about the bet and was confused to such a level that he ended up betting $3.5 million on them. But this risk helped him to gain a big win after the Saints pulled off a 31-17 victory. Walter has a record of many amazing victories but this was indeed one of the biggest ones in his entire career. Unfortunately, Walter was convicted of an insider-trading scandal that also involved Dean Food’s former CEO. He was sentenced to five-year imprisonment and will be released in 2022.

These were some of the biggest bets ever placed in the history of gambling. Placing money for bets is not a big task these days as anyone can do this by sitting home and all thanks to amazing online casinos like Tri7bet where you can play judi bola online. All we have to do is visit http://tri7bet.id/ and who knows the next biggest gambling winners could be one of us.


Shirley Kennady