Art jamming birthdays

Art jamming birthdays

In the olden days, before the invention of language people used to communicate with each other through writing or by drawing. They generally used to draw since it is the simplest and easiest way to make someone understand in front of us. Later after the invention of scriptural and vocal languages, these ways of communication didn’t vanish. These drawings were mostly drawn on the rocks. As humans evolved these drawings also evolved and right now it is called Artworks. There are many kinds of artworks present in the world but Art Jamming is different because it does not need any restrictions or methods to make art. The best thing is we need not think about the surrounding of an art jamming place since it is left with much dirt of paint marks there is no thinking of spoiling floors with paints and canvases. No one has to clean the paint if someone by mistake drops paint to the floor. The most important and admiring thing in art jamming is it can be done in groups.

Birthday parties

Art Jamming

In this modern era celebration of birthday in a different way has become a more important thing. One such way of celebrating a birthday is by booking an art studio for some hours and do the party there. Instead of simply wasting money in a party hall or some other restaurants, one can spend their quality birthday time in these studios. These studios will provide all the necessary things for art jamming say the canvas, paints, and brushes. They have a price list for each item we owe to have in the party area. The rent of the hall varies based on the number of people attending the birthday party and the size of the canvas, type of paint, and brushes the person giving party has to choose it. They also have a rule that all the persons attending the party will be given a canvas and other kinds of stuff and the bill amount will add up as the count increases. This booking of the studio for the party can be done online where we will be provided with an instruction document and we have to go through all the mentioned instructions. Once we find that all the mentioned instructions are feasible we can sign and send the document to the studio. The booking of the studio and other required materials must be made at least 2 weeks before the event date and a 50% payment amount for the event must be sent to the studio within 48hrs of sending the signed document else our event reservation will be considered as a canceled event. The instruction in the document includes, the participants have to wear old clothes since there is a large chance of spoiling his/her dress, a list of canvas size with their corresponding price and a column is left blank for the number of canvas one need in that event which will be filled by the person arranging the events based on his requirements. These events will also be provided with some foods like soft drinks, chips, etc for refreshing the participants.

Shirley Kennady