Condo, prices And property of the developer in resistance

Condo, prices And property of the developer in resistance

There is an upcoming residential development in Daintree residence is located along with Toh Tuch road, the island of the western region. There was the site previously occupied in the primary school of Nanyang in temporary premises. There is some site of the Daintree Residence that is bounded in the Toh Tuck Road and Lorong kismis. There is leasehold development of 99 years in the next of upcoming in another private of the development of residential. There are some views like kismis surrounded it also.

The total area of the site development approximately 18,721 sq ft. in the ratio of 1.4 in the plot of the residential development of comprising of 8 blocks in the building 5 story it can able to house in the units of 328 private apartments. There are completion is estimated for their development in around the year 2002. Their next project may include near projects of meadow lodge. The upper area of Bukit Timah is located in the both of Mayfair garden and Daintree residence. They may close to the king of Albert Park in the station of MRT and beauty world MRT station respectively.

Review of the residence

Daintree Residence

they may be launched in the latest round of cooling measure and the current looking in the new projects of launching data in district 21 and there is the option of two development. The condo of 99 years leasehold in Mayfair in the development of Oxley holding. There is the site of the former in the same name of the condominium. Each owner should pay about the $ 1..7 million to $ 2.89 million, it may depending on the size of their units. There is separated in the road of holding Oxley in two projects of the development on their site, their site is separated in the road by holding their plots. The larger plots in sq ft of 116,130 in development of Mayfair, the smaller site in garden development of modern Mayfair.

The garden Mayfair in 215 units and consists of 89 one-bedroom, two-bedrooms of 71, three-bedroom of 26, and 8 four bedrooms. There is a rifle range road is located in the Mayfair garden. It may be located in a distance. There location about 450 meters to their king Albert park station of MRT. There is partially walk-in sheltered at the bus stop in the Albert king of MRT station. You may find shops and services of the Bukit Timah plaza within walking distance like the fair price of the supermarket. Approximately 750 meters from the plaza of the Bukit Timah and it will take you there for 10 minutes. Are you travelling in raffles place of the MRT station via of the king Albert of MRT station, and it takes 16 minutes to go there. There is newly branded in Daintree residence of condo situated along the Toh Tuck street in the upper of Bukit Timah. This was 99 years old in their job of 18,721 sq ft of their property in their square of shape in the ideal of units in creating residential. There more websites in the condo Toh Tuck street in the talk in town during the launching of government.

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