Crypto Works You Need to Be Aware of Now

Crypto Works You Need to Be Aware of Now

Finding a crypto-currency exchange platform adapted to your needs is an obstacle course. But that’s not a reason to give up the case. It is quite possible to find the rare pearl. To achieve this, some checks must be made before making any decision. Precisely, here are the criteria for selecting a crypto currency trading platform. A visit to makes your ideas proper there.

Safety is paramount

A good trader should normally know that security is an important element to consider. It would be too risky to use an unsecured trading platform. If a stranger managed to hack a user’s account, it would be a disaster. It will not only lose the entire invested capital, but its crypto currencies may also disappear without a trace.

In order to avoid the worst, it is better to use a highly secure trading platform. In general, most funds are held in a portfolio. To enhance their security, each company should use SSL certificates. In addition, there is a security process to protect users against hackers. This is dual factor authentication. Thanks to this, snoopers will not be able to illegally access the user’s account.

Transaction fees

Needless to say, crypto currency trading platforms are not free . Indeed, a transaction fee is charged on each purchase or sale of virtual currencies. This is the price to pay for all the benefits offered by a crypto currency exchange site. Of course, the billing of transaction fees varies from one platform to another. It makes perfect sense to turn to the one that offers reduced fees.

Clearly, it will make comparisons between different sites of exchange. The fees are generally between 0.01 and 1.5%. But they can sometimes go up to 4% or more. Note that some exchange platforms allow you to purchase crypto-currencies at no cost by bank transfer. This is especially the case of In any case, if the user decides to buy BTC with a credit card, the fees charged will be 3.9%.

The currency pair offered by the platform

As we already know, a trading platform makes it possible to buy or sell crypto-currencies. But it also gives the opportunity to exchange euros or dollars for BTC, ETH, LTC, etc., why an exchange site always offers currency pairs to users. The best known of these is the BTC or USD. Other options for trading flat currency cryptographic currencies are available on some exchange sites.

Of course, the exchange rates displayed by the trading platforms are not necessarily identical. They vary depending on the country in which the company owns the site. It is also possible to trade altcoins on some platforms such as FX Open or Simple FX. Note that the most common alternative crypto currencies are: Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Litecoin (LTC), Monero (XMR) and Dash (DASH).

Trading platforms make it possible to buy bitcoins as well as other crypto currencies. The best of them must of course be privileged. Needless to say, not all crypto-currency exchange sites are equal. The difference is usually in the billing of expenses. What are the best crypto currency trading platforms of the moment?


Created in 2007, eToro ranks among the best crypto currency trading platforms of the moment. This site was born in Tel Aviv thanks to the ingenuity of Yoni Assia (CEO of eToro). But at that time, it still bore the name RetailFX. Note that Ronen Assia and David Ring are also co-founders of eToro.

Chris Datcher