Essential Options for the Best Roofers You Need

Essential Options for the Best Roofers You Need

The quality of the roof covering is important for a watertight dormer window. What options are there, and how do you choose the best material for the roof covering of your dormer window? The roofers in sacramento happen to be the best in their works.


The price of a dormer window depends, among other things, on the type of roofing material. If you opt for a roof construction with a flat roof, the prices are on average between $ 3,500 and $ 4,000. We then assume a dormer window with a size of 1.50 meters high and 2.50 meters wide. If you prefer a sloping roof with roof tiles, for example, take into account a surcharge of 10% to 15%.

Roof covering

The roof of a dormer window is finished with roofing material. This ensures that the roof is watertight and that the underlying material is well protected. There are different types of roof finishing. In this article, you will find the most used materials for a flat roof and a pitched roof.

Flat roof

For the roof covering your dormer window with a flat roof, you can choose bitumen, EPDM, PVC or polyester.


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Flat roofs used to be often finished with bitumen. This material is also called roof leather and lasted 15 years on average. A disadvantage was that it was not well resistant to sunlight (UV resistant). A substance is now being added to the bitumen (APP or SBS), which means that life expectancy can rise to 25 years. Bitumen is easy to process and therefore suitable for difficult roof shapes.


EPDM is a commonly used rubber foil. This material is strong and permanently elastic. In addition, EPDM is UV-resistant and resistant to large temperature differences. The life expectancy of EPDM is approximately 40 years.


PVC is a plastic that is used a lot. You can choose from different thicknesses. The thicker the material, the longer it lasts. You can also choose different colors. A lot of light grays is chosen which ensures that the house stays cool in the summer. PVC is lightweight, UV-resistant and maintenance-friendly. The lifespan is approximately 30 years.


Polyester is very popular. You can even choose a roof structure that is made entirely from this type of plastic. The material is applied seamlessly, so there is no risk of leakage. Polyester is also often made in light colors. Polyester requires virtually no maintenance and will last for more than 30 years.

Slanted roof

If you have a dormer window with a sloping roof, you can choose roof tiles from roof tiles, zinc, slates and reed.

Roof tiles

You can opt for the classic ceramic (baked) roof tiles or for sleek concrete tiles. Roof tiles have a technical lifespan of 50 to 60 years, but in practice, they often last longer.


Zinc was often used in the past and is therefore very suitable for older houses. But due to the sleek and industrial look, new homes are increasingly being chosen. Zinc is flexible and can therefore be used for various roof shapes, including flat roofs. The material requires little maintenance and is environmentally friendly. It is completely recyclable. Zinc lasts an average of 30 to 40 years.


Slates are made from clay or plastic. Ceramic slates made of clay last as long as roof tiles. Slates are a bit more expensive than roof tiles but are often chosen for their appearance.

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