Explore Your Chances with the car Scrapping Now

Explore Your Chances with the car Scrapping Now

Owners of scrap cars are encouraged to read receptions and posts about various companies. People who have been deceived or deceived usually make themselves heard in this way. In the range of pick-up trucks, there are only a few people who have permission from the County Administrative Board. In Göteborg, there seems to be only one company that has such a permit, and which specializes in scrap pickup. With the Skrota bilen Göteborg you can now expect the best choices available.

Skrota bilen Göteborg

Observe the weight of scrapping certificates

The owner signs a transfer document when leaving the scrap car and receives a receipt and scrap certificate. This requires deregistration and the scrap will reuse or recycle at least 95% of the car’s weight.

Do you have a car that needs scraping?

In 2007, it became producer responsibility for cars which meant that the scrap car premium was removed and many scrap cars, therefore, give you no money when you scrap your car. You have 2 options when you scrap the car either you turn to a scrap car or you scrap the car yourself. From 2015, tougher and new legislation has been introduced, which means that 95% of the car will be reused.

Unfortunately, it is usual to scrap largely new cars that have been involved in accidents, which is probably a requirement from the insurance companies, but you may think that it is a waste of resources. Depending on who you talk to, there are companies that pay around $ 1000 or car regardless of the condition of the car. There are also private individuals who buy cars on the block and in newspaper ads.

Sell ​​the different car parts separately

One way to make money on your scrap truck is to sell the various parts separately: There are several parts of the car that are valuable as:

  • The radio and the CD player are the easiest parts to sell on the block, for example
  • Batteries can be reused
  • Catalyst a new catalyst costs around $ 10,000 and a used one in good condition costs up to $ 6,000.
  • Engine parts and lanterns
  • Starter cables and other accessories
  • Ways if they are in good condition
  • Copper wire
  • Oil sludge can become oil
  • Empty the car on gasoline
  • Tires

Check with tire companies but if the tires cannot be recycled, it is possible to make rubber granules from them.

Sell ​​scrap car and car mount

Here’s how to scrap and disassemble the car:

The scrap you submit must be authorized. Of course, there is a metal value in a scrap car and the car scrapers take out car parts and tires. Then the cars are driven in the frag and then passed it on to companies, which fetches the scrap trucks with large trucks. Keep in mind that a car often weighs around 1200 kilos, which means that there are large metal values ​​and several car dismantling companies have brand disassembly for car companies.

In an ordinary cooler, there is a copper value of 5-8 dollars and in the catalyst, there is often platinum which is a very expensive precious metal. If you read ads in magazines, you can see companies that pick up scrap cars for free and they make sure that the car is taken care of in the best way in collaboration with an authorized car scrap. It is not uncommon for complete cars to be picked up free of charge and even defective untaxed.

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