Fine Choices As You register offshore company in dubai

Fine Choices As You register offshore company in dubai

It is not a matter of money laundering or tax evasion, all they want is to increase their capital and save taxes. Taking advantage of the offshore world is a simple path for the smart entrepreneur who has decided to stop working for others, who wants to protect his shareholders and maximize his profits. It is a 100% legal path that they take following the rules that their country of origin imposes on them. Even if you are Spanish, German, Mexican or Chilean, you have nothing to fear as long as you adhere to what the law dictates in Spain, communicate the existence of the offshore company to the Treasury. Now register offshore company in dubai for your future.

register offshore company in dubai

For whom it is worth moving the company to a tax haven

At Librestado we have all kinds of readers. We find executives and students, young and old, people with international experience and people without it. For many of you, there is no point in setting up an offshore company or moving your existing company to a tax haven. In fact, you will first have to concentrate on creating a business model that gives money.

To keep your offshore company in the cheapest jurisdictions you will have to have at least $ 500 a year. Logically, there is no point in setting up the company in a tax haven until you can save yourself more in taxes than it will cost you to maintain your company in fact, you should think hard about setting up any type of company either onshore or offshore until you start. to deposit enough money. Beyond these limitations, anyone can register their company in a tax haven, but for some, it will be easier and more recommended than for others.

In particular, it will be easier and more beneficial for digital nomads and entrepreneurs who are not tied to anywhere. If your business, activity or situation is among the following, then you have it easy:

  • E-commerce and internet-based businesses
  • International companies
  • Business succession and inheritance cases
  • Stock investor or trader
  • Mobile property owner such as a yacht, for example
  • Use of intellectual property
  • Consultant

E-commerce and internet-based businesses

This option is for many the simplest way of entry, in fact, it is the most common type of business among digital nomads. Libreado is also defined as an internet-based company. Why not? They are globalized businesses that often require nothing more than a laptop with internet access.

Since customers are scattered all over the world and the company works from different countries, it makes sense to create an international company, right?

In combination with an offshore account, you can protect your company from the ever-present risk of inflation in your country, in addition to avoiding capital controls such as those in Greece or even the not-so-distant ban on having large amounts of cash.

International companies

There are international companies of all kinds. Everyone knows Google, Amazon and Facebook, in fact, we often read about their tax practices in the news. Anyone can do what they do with their armies of lawyers and consultants, no matter how big your company is. Companies with an international vocation allow purchases and sales according to the laws of the offshore jurisdiction, which is reflected in lower taxes.

Chris Datcher