Great Choices for the best Emotional Intelligence

Great Choices for the best Emotional Intelligence

A scientific journalist specializing in this area lists the five pillars of Emotional Intelligence, namely:

Know your own emotions

The first step is to know yourself, analyze your emotions and the actions you take in response to stimuli. That is the key to emotional intelligence. But you should be aware that Emotional Intelligence is a gradual process that varies from person to person. Do not rush things, do not despair. Our tip for you to get to know your own emotions better is to put your feelings and actions into a role and then to reflect deeply on it. From Emotional Intelligence Daniel Goleman you can learn a lot.

Control the emotions

Keep in mind that we all go through stressful times in life, or feel anxious for some reason. Learning how to handle and control your emotions will put you in the right direction for each situation and make all the difference between balance and dysfunction.

You should avoid thinking immediately of a negative outcome. Be optimistic, always try to see the positive side of things and remember that each situation has different ways out, and just look for them. And when under pressure, the most important thing is to try to stay calm. Find a distraction, perform a pleasurable activity, and channel your anxiety.


Emotional Intelligence Daniel Goleman

Remember that thinking before making decisions will bring you many benefits and will avoid conflict with your peers and regret your actions. By knowing how to properly use your emotions you will reach your goals. Never lose hope. Anything is possible as long as you run after what you want consciously and without going over the other.

Thus, you must learn to respond to your stimuli, a conscious process that involves analyzing how you feel, and then deciding how you want to behave to achieve your goals. In contrast, we have the unconscious process of reacting, where we experience an emotional trigger, expressing that emotion instantly, which generates regrets and deviations from our goals.


Learning to put oneself in another’s place, to recognize others’ emotions and understand their behaviors, makes us more sensitive and open.

Know how to relate interpersonally

Another key to success knows how to have good relationships, guiding the emotions of others. This will create a positive environment around you, improving not only your quality of life but also affects those around you.

Advantages of Emotional Intelligence

Now that you have understood the 5 pillars of Emotional Intelligence, you may have already extracted some benefits from having a well-developed IE. We all live surrounded by daily obstacles, goals and deadlines to meet, family and children to deal with, meetings to attend, and decisions to make.

We are constantly being watched and evaluated: we live under pressure all the time.

To deal with daily pressures, the key is to apply the pillars of Emotional Intelligence, which will bring you several positive results. You need to be specific on these matters and that is important here. The choices are essential and the emotions work out perfectly there. The chances are essential in these cases so far your decisions are concerned and that is the reason that you can come up with the perfect solutions at the moment. The whole process comes to perfection in every possible way and that makes the whole system run properly.

Shirley Kennady