History and Features of Richard Mille

History and Features of Richard Mille

Everyone knows that Richard Mille is s Swiss luxury watch company, that was founded in 2001.  That was invented by Dominique Guenat and Richard Mille this company was based in the less breuleux, Switzerland. And this brand specializes in luxury watches. People analyzing that after studying marketing in Besancon Richard they started work at Finhor, a local watchmaking company in the year of 1974. Then the company was bought by matra in 1981 and then Richard Mille rose manegematra’s watch making business as rm001 . That included the brand of Yema and then cuplillardrieme. Then matra watch making activities are sold to the place of Seiko. Then mille left in 1992 then he started the watchmaking business for the jewellery firm of Mauboussin. Then it was got a disagreement on a commercial strategy at Mauboussin, Richard Mille was a shareholder then he left his position as a general manager of the watchmaking division of the place Vendome jeweller then he decided to launch his range of watches. Then he reveals his plan to his friend Dominique guenat who is the owner of montresvalgine. And then the professional relationship develops between two men that grew into a great friendship then they shared love of cars, aeronautics, and mechanics.


Then Richard Mille and Dominique guenat drew up their plans and basis for the Richard Mille brand. Their partnership with guenat S.A. montres valgine and others makes a better pair. Next two years they reached the best place. So they defined their brand concept combining the worlds of cars and sailing with the high-tech aspects of innovations. After their achievement, they began designing the future Richard Mille watches they are testing the watches in precision one. after that they start to research and prototypes so that Richard Mille brand presented in the first time that is RM 001this is the first jewellery show. They are focused on some of the main features these are a visual identity and that is included in the tourbillion calire, that the power-reserve indicator, and a torque indicator. And then in the year 2002, Richard Mille introduced the RM 002 which is the technological development of the first model and the first watch n the history of watchmaking. That is based on the feature of the titanium baseplate. Then it was developed by the RM 003. This type also reaches the best place in the world.

The Richard Mille Brand:

This is the most famous brand in society and Richard Mille’s case shape is designed as the principal element of the brand visual identity and then ensuring that so the watches are identifiable. Everyone easily identifies this as spline screws visible on both the case and inside of the movement.  This is the speciality of the Richard Mille watch. And then the brand everyone like a model is RM 008 that has extra features and it is the sapphire split seconds on RM 056. The model RM 008 is the combination of the tourbillon movement with the manual winding and then the chronograph split seconds. This price is near to €500,000. That is distinguished by its three-part all the cases have the same sapphire skeletal case.

Chris Datcher