How the WordPress Plugins Fit In

How the WordPress Plugins Fit In

After you’ve started an initial search or category selection, ThemeForest will come back to you with a huge list of relevant themes. The use of the WordPress Plugins come perfectly there.

To help you select thoroughly, you will have the possibility to order the themes, based on 6 selection criteria present on an almost hidden drop-down menu, positioned directly above the list that Themeforest offers you.

WordPress Plugins

Here is the list of selection criteria:

  • best (default)
  • Announcements
  • current trend
  • best sellers
  • the most voted
  • by price (from the lowest)
  • by price (highest)

Similarly, to the right of this drop-down menu, there is a second drop-down menu, which allows you to sort the themes by date, a particularly useful thing, especially if you are doing a search that you have already started and want to know what is there. It is again.

To help you cut your list even further, ThemeForest offers you a user-friendly filter, which you will find on the left of the list of themes results. You can filter the list based on categories, tags, prices, sales, and general popularity levels.

After ordering your list on your specific requests, using the functions described above, you should find yourself working on a reduced number of themes is more manageable.

If you really don’t have time for all this, (or have already tried and for any reason, you have not arrived at any solution) you can always jump into the bestseller page of all time or check out some of the Top authors and their portfolio, find the themes best, sellers, click on the author’s name that appears in the right column and choose the best of his production.

Before buying: how to choose a template on ThemeForest

After selecting the criteria you want to use to summarize the candidates, it’s time to check the options.

Each template on ThemeForest provides a live demo.

A priceless tool, which allows you to see the Themeforest WordPress template in action on a pre-configured site, which should demonstrate its functionality and features.

The live demo will also give you the opportunity to test some of the customization parameters of a WordPress Themeforest template, such as changing the color of the template or trying different layouts and backgrounds.

  • It is worth deeply testing the customization features of a Themeforest template, in fact, these can give you a better idea of ​​what your site will look like when it has specific customization for your Brand.
  • Attention tries to evaluate the template without being influenced by the images.

Most people evaluate the Themeforest template taking into consideration the high-quality images that are inserted into the template, instead leaving out the technical specifications, which are extremely important.

Very often, all of us fell in love with some themes based purely on the beautiful images that the developer used to create the demo and we are ready to bet well over € 1 on the fact that we were not the only ones to fall into this trap. Obviously, when you install the WordPress Themeforest template on your website the images disappear and as a result, the template appears considerably less impressive.

Meghan Talman