Much needed tech !! Stairlifts

Much needed tech !! Stairlifts

Life can anytime become awful for a person. It’s only the people around and the technology aids which come up as a righteous saviour. There are numerous mobility aids invented for a group of people with limited mobility. There are different causes of mobility issues like ageing, injury or any illness, or birth. But development in this field has assisted to mitigate many lives. There are many variants like walkers, wheelchairs, platforms, etc., to ease the process.

stairlifts bristol are also one of these wide-ranging lists which ensure to aid the limited mobility of people. Stairlifts are an admirable way to cope up with passing staircases for people with limited mobility. Concisely, it is a chair attached to a track that stands on the staircase’s support wall, and the chair moves on the way with the help of a motor. Through this, people can climb up or down the floors of their house or reach elevated areas. It is also known as a chair lift or stair glide.

stairlifts bristol

This product makes things most convenient for people who have less upper body strength than the lower body. For instance, people who can walk or stand but not climb stairs, people who fear climbing stairs, or people who easily can make a shift from wheelchair to the lift. It is very user-friendly. The person has to sit on the chair, fasten the seatbelt and start the ride.

Features compelling to buy-

Let’s have a look into more features of it-

  1. Adjustable seat height– This is a very small but useful feature. It helps to adjust the height of life according to the user, easing getting on and off the lift for a user.
  2. Call Stations – Like a lift, it has lifted on both ends of the way, to call the lift if on the other side.
  3. Key switch– This key shuts down the complete machinery of the lift, making it immobilized. This feature helps to reduce the misuse by children.
  4. Seatbelt- As safety is the foremost concern, seatbelts are provided to hold the user tight to the seat and prevent falling.
  5. Foldability– The seat is made to be folded when not in use and hence save space.

There are different types of stairlifts (including) indoor ones, for outdoors, straight rail, curved rail. All are designed concerning their use.


We get different standard features for the ease of installing it in the home. A foldable seat, wireless remotes, footrest, and many more. No matter what the complexity of staircase design, the staircase can be installed with the help of professionals.

People interested should not fear the installation process. No renovation and modification are needed to be made in the interiors or the staircase part. It’s a small process of choosing the best suitable stairlift for you, and the installation would take a few hours.

Puzzling facts-

As we noticed that there are numerous products in the market to assist people with limited ability, people often get confused between things for similar-sounding names. We have a solid example with us. The product we discuss is a stairlift or chair lift, but there’s a similar-sounding product named lift chair.

A lift chair is a recliner by structure but has various standard features. It is medical equipment used to elevate a person with issues to transition between sitting and standing positions. So a person needs to be alert while buying anything sounding like this.

Overall, this is distinguished equipment invented for the welfare of beings.

Shirley Kennady