Smartphone Recovery with The Data

Smartphone Recovery with The Data

When Android smartphones are impossible to connect to your computer, and it is imperative to restore phone files on Android, you can use special applications that work on your smartphone. True, some of them may require root rights. The salvagedata’s recovery software can be useful there.


In terms of functionality, it resembles a “shopping basket” on a computer. It should be borne in mind that Android OS does not initially provide such an option, so its existence must be taken care of in advance by downloading, for example, an application such as Dumpster – Recycle Bin from the Google Play market. The program is free and does not require root rights. After setting it up, you need to select the types of files that will be saved in the Recycle Bin for later recovery. The application will ask you to specify retention periods, after which the data will be permanently deleted. To restore your saved data, just go to Trash, select the files you need, and click “Restore”.

GT recovery

It works on all Android OS devices except Nokia. Free Google Play. The advantage of the program is the ability to recover any type of file – text, video, photos. The downside is the need to root for rights.


The developer offers a free option, you can also restore photos for free only with the ability to recover data from internal memory and from a removable drive. A great option if your smartphone is on Android. Using the program is very simple: select the desired folder and start scanning, after a while a list of possible recovery files will appear. We select the required one, after which the recovery will be performed at the location where the files were originally located. The downside to Undeleter is the need for root rights. You can install on your Android phone after losing data.


salvagedata's recovery software

After reviewing information on actions taken to recover files after being accidentally deleted, it is recommended that you prepare in advance for such issues. It is necessary to install one of the programs on the smartphone, as well as have a couple of reservations on the memory card, as it may happen that the user does not have access to either the PC or the Internet. And, also, don’t forget the good old sync with cloud storage or the banal periodic copying of data to your computer.

How does the removal mechanism work?

Suppose you have a 1TB hard drive. He is busy at 60%. It was decided to clean the hard drive out of games, causing the load factor to drop to 35%. What happens in this case? Have the files been deleted? The answer is purely nominal yes. But there are two types of removals: with the ability to recover quickly and lack them. What is the difference between them?

The ability to quickly restore means that a file, document, or folder will be moved to the Recycle Bin. The place is reserved for them i.e. nothing will be written for them, and returning them is a matter of a few clicks. If the file does not fit in or is deleted, files of another type become deleted. They are located on the computer, but other programs can be logged in at any time. And then deleted files will cease to exist at all. Use special programs to receive documents of another type. But it should be remembered that their recovery is not a matter of speed.

Chris Datcher