The best of Garden Decking Now

The best of Garden Decking Now

If like many people, you want to do work in your garden, this is a perfect time! We are entering summer and the weather is favorable for the construction of your wooden terrace. Here are humble tips to help you. From the eco decking uk you can find the best choices now.

Each deck board has its own story

According to your desires, your configuration but also your budget, you can choose the type of deck boards. You, therefore, have the choice between:

  • Natural wood deck boards
  • Composite wood deck boards
  • Novodeck composite blade
  • Fiberon xtrem composite blade
  • Xtrem Large fiberon composite blade

These two solutions have their advantages and their disadvantages but can correspond to you. It all depends on your terrace project, the dressing of your house that of your garden or your swimming pool, etc. Natural wood planks are often less expensive than composite planks, but they have a shorter lifespan and require more regular maintenance. Note that there are also quality levels in composite wood planks.

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Choose the wood species for your patio

Again, this is a practical question and a question of taste. There are two main families of wood:

European woods: pine, fir, larch and oak, are the most common types of wood used for terrace construction. The main advantage over exotic species is its cost. European gasoline is treated to withstand bad weather thanks to a treatment carried out under pressure and under vacuum; we are talking about an autoclave. Note that some varieties of pine, for example, is much less resistant.

Exotic woods: these are very aesthetic varieties. The cost is higher than for European species. The most used varieties are teak and ipe. The latter is a resistant and rather popular species for the construction of terraces. Teak is a variety of exotic wood known for its rot-proofness and its beauty. Its lifespan is long.

Thermo-heated wood: it is, in fact, natural wood that has undergone a treatment at a very high temperature which makes it naturally rot-proof and very resistant to all types of weather. This type of wood is used in particular for marine spaces such as pontoons.

Composite wood: it is a mix of around 50% recycled plastic and 5% recycled wood fiber as well. To this, we add an additive which makes the blades rot-proof: no treatment will be required and the blade will not deform.

The criteria to check to choose the right patio wood

In order to know if the wood is of quality, here are 4 criteria to check to choose well (and therefore buy) the blades of your superb wooden terrace.

Wood density

The woods are classified according to their density. The density is calculated according to several criteria and in particular the water content. The woods are then classified according to a scale that contains five levels. For the construction of a terrace, it is recommended to choose wood of level 4 or 5. They correspond to the most important densities. The denser the wood, the more resistant it will be to weathering. Your patio will benefit from a much longer lifespan.

The width of the blades

Wide blades will enhance the aesthetics of the terrace. They bring more interesting softness and solidity. They will also save significant time during installation.

Barbara Steudeman