The Perfect Life Coaching for You

The Perfect Life Coaching for You

Identify companies in difficulty and organize support activities for companies in difficulty and their follow-up in their future development

Life coaching

The network should present methods for identifying SMEs in difficulty and collect relevant data and analysis on bankruptcies, crisis management, the impact of insolvency laws, as well as the cultural and societal attitude towards insolvency.

Second chance: The actions and measures identified by the experts will be applied in four EU Member States in which these advisory services to companies in difficulty are little or no existing. Support will be provided to a number of identified companies to overcome problems related to business restructuring, insolvency or return to business. For Life coaching this is a very important part now.

Recommendations and dissemination of results

The project must propose activities and measures that could contribute to the de-stigmatization of commercial failure. The network should develop recommendations that could be used by policymakers at both EU and Member State level to develop a regulatory framework and policy measures in the area of ​​insolvency and second chance. It will also organize training sessions, workshops and learning activities during which the network experts will publicize the results of the project. It will have to ensure the transfer of relevant know-how between the participating countries and develop a training model for the extension and replication of these services to other European countries.

  • The companies that are targeted by these services are those that are still viable and suitable for a possible restructuring, those for which an assessment is necessary to determine whether it is worth trying to save the company or go towards liquidation, orderly and fast. Support will also be provided to bankrupt entrepreneurs wishing to make a second start in business, including through assistance in the management and restructuring of their debt, to facilitate their economic recovery and social inclusion.
  • This network of experts is established for an initial period of 3 years. It could subsequently be recognized at the European level and by member states as an advisory body on insolvency and second chance issues.
  • Proposals must be submitted by consortia of at least 7 or more entities from 7 different countries. At least one public authority at national, regional or local level dealing with SME or entrepreneurship issues and at least three SME associations or chambers of commerce and industry at local, national, regional, European or international level should be involved in the project.

A company must ensure the well-being of its employees and the improvement of their working conditions. For the sake of efficiency, it is important to take different measures. The objectives of the management of personnel are broad: it is to improve and consolidate the relationship between employees and the company while seeking to take into consideration and to solve the requests or problems encountered by employees.

The employee is looking for security and a sense of affiliation with the company. It must be able to flourish in its work and expose the difficulties encountered so that they are resolved as quickly as possible. The employee is not just there to do a job: he must feel comfortable at his workstation.

Last Words

For its part, the company must make its employees commit, be proactive and think for themselves. Personnel managers cannot achieve these goals alone. Superiors have an important role to play, as do training or employee promotion.

Shirley Kennady