The Right School You Want for Your Children

The Right School You Want for Your Children

The school year is beginning, and for many parents, this is still a turning point to find the first or new school for children. This choice is not simple and will directly influence the child’s education, taking into account from the school structure to its values. Today we are going to show you the tips so you can find the right school for your child. Check out and you will know more.

Traditional schools, for example, present a proposal aimed at the transmission of pedagogical content through the teacher, focusing on discipline and the homogenization of knowledge. Schools that follow the constructivist proposal tend to see teaching less as a method and more as a conception, giving the student more freedom to build their own knowledge according to their individuality.

Physical space

Knowing where your child will study is very important before making a decision. Try to visit the school during class hours and assess, for example, if there are too many students per class. In addition, ask to know where children eat, toilets, play area and alternative spaces, such as sports courts and music and arts rooms.

Extracurricular activities

Today, most parents are not available to take and pick up their children in many activities throughout the day. However, art and sports classes and other extracurricular activities, besides providing a moment of leisure, contribute greatly to the human and academic formation of the little ones. Some schools already offer the full-shift option, giving students the opportunity to do various types of activity in their own school environment, which is a hand in hand for the busiest parents.

Pedagogical team

Talk to the entire team that will be responsible for your child’s education, from the head of the school to the coordinators, disciplines, teachers, and monitors. Ask questions, answer all your questions, and listen to what professionals have to say about the school and the students. That way you will better understand if the school methodology is in line with the education you give your child at home. If you prefer a more liberal education, for example, a very strict teacher will certainly not be the best choice.


School values ​​should be aligned with your principles and what you want to convey to your child. If you are not religious, for example, a traditional Christian institution may not be the right school. Ideally, look for schools that have projects and approaches that address important social and cultural issues, such as environmental preservation, racial diversity, and gender equality.


If your hours are too tight, seek information about the school’s tolerance for delays and absences. There are colleges that are extremely strict with student departure and arrival times, which can cause headaches if you need to take or pick up your child at alternative times.


Last but not least: Always look for references and referrals with other parents and students. Of course, the conversation with the college professionals is of great value to get to know the proposal better, but it is the parents of the children who study at the institution who can tell you more sincerely about the positive and negative aspects of the school. By following these tips, it will be much easier to find the right school for your children.

Barbara Steudeman