Tips To Choose the Best Table Lamp for Your Interior

Tips To Choose the Best Table Lamp for Your Interior

If you thought that choosing a table lamp is simple, then you will dispel such misconceptions. Here are some useful tips on how to choose this seemingly simple device. In Flakko you can have the smartest deal regarding this now.

Table lamps have thoroughly entered our everyday life. Their light creates a cozy atmosphere in the room, and good lighting on your desktop will significantly increase productivity. Everyone knows that a lack of light during operation causes a feeling of discomfort and fatigue, and, in addition, impairs vision. Therefore, experts recommend a responsible attitude to the choice of this interior item. In this article, you will familiarize yourself with the design, various types of light sources, the characteristics and features of table lamps, and also learn how to choose the right quality table lamp to make your workplace stylish and at the same time avoid eye strain.

Design features


Standard desktop appliances consist of the following components:

  • Lamps
  • Circuit breaker
  • Cord
  • Plugs for connecting to a power outlet.

Electric current flows from the plug through the cable through the switch to the lamp. After pressing the switch, the electric circuit either closes and the current is applied, or it stops flowing to the lamp base. The luminaires, which are equipped with brightness control, also have capacitors and resistors that regulate the voltage.

Types of table lamps

Consider the most common existing types of desktop devices. By the external design of the lamp are divided:

Office for study

Simple fixtures are used to illuminate the table in the process of working with documents or other similar activities. Such lamps are not very expensive they can be used both in children’s rooms and in bedrooms. They are characterized by restrained design, without any bright and decorative elements, and have tilt mechanisms for individual parts. It is possible to install an office lamp at different angles. They give a soft and directional light that perfectly illuminates the workplace.


Most often placed in the bedroom on both sides of the bed, serve to decorate the home and can also be used as an element of decor in any room. Lampshades of such lamps are richly decorated and can be in the form of a ball, polyhedron, bulb, and cube. The design of the lamps is diverse. Buyers can also find quite specific varieties in the markets salt, lava, plasma and others. For the manufacture of legs can be used materials such as crystal, bronze, plastic, ceramics, steel and the leg itself is made out as a sculpture or a tree.


Tiffany lamps have a lampshade made of beautiful colored glass. The base of the lamp is made of wood, copper, brass. Original Tiffany lamps are undoubtedly a work of art that is in private collections. The price of such an original floor lamp is very high. However, at a reduced cost, you can purchase copies of such decorative lamps.

Transparent lamp

This is a universal and at the same time stylish piece of furniture. Lamps with a transparent base will perfectly fit into the decoration of a room in cold or warm colors while improving the appearance of the room with their beautiful design. The main decorative element of the device is made of glass, so the products are fragile and need careful handling.

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