Puppies: A broad variety of wet and dry dog diets are accessible.

Puppies: A broad variety of wet and dry dog diets are accessible.

Puppies may either be fed on or blended from both. Puppies may start weaning from 4 to 6 weeks of age, and they should be fed at least 3 times a day. However, some people tend to feed the puppy four times daily, as small quantities are always healthier for the puppy than two large quantities. When your puppy is 6 months old, they will be able to wean twice a day, and this practice lasts for the rest of their lives.


Daily feeding hours, i.e. morning and evening, are also recommended. However, it’s important to know that feeding a puppy at night can make it more likely to mess at night, but that doesn’t mean feeding a puppy all night long means it is hungry and can easily chew if it’s not satisfying. Monitoring your puppy activity will allow you to decide the right times for both you and your dog and allow you both to get used to feeding and toileting times. Get the best info about puppy feed at wefluffy.co.kr .

Depending on whether your dog is fed on, i.e. dry or wet, it is best to take the bowl away until the bowl has never been eaten away all day long. That strategy will prove useful when it comes to your dog’s home training, as it would be difficult to decide whether you do not have food all day. Please note that while it is best not to leave the food all day long, your dog should still be able to access clean drinking water all day long.

If you want to feed your puppy on dry dog food, do use puppy food, ideally high-quality food. It might be a good idea to add a small amount of warm water to the dry mix and soften it until it becomes consistent. Note also that if you use dry food, the puppy has to drink more water.

When you want to use the wet food for your puppy, you should start with puppy food, adult dog food is far richer than puppy food and starting your child directly with adult food could lead to stomach problems. If puppies are around six months old, it is possible to eat around 2 to 3 times a day and eventually become a daily diet for adults.

While it is still recommended to keep your dog on a healthy diet, it is nice to give him an unusual treat to reward them for their good behavior. Nonetheless, it is best to note that puppies are delicate, so even though your pet is reluctant to eat something, ensure that your reward does not disturb your belly.

Puppies consume twice as much energy fuel as adult dogs, and they must be fed with a diet that has 25 to 30 percent protein depending on ethnicity. The majority of puppies are better fed by a portion control system, but as with kittens, food should not be available constantly. Wuppies allowed to eat will consume extra calories, which can lead to growth issues for the bone. Clinical work has seen bone growth disorder in the form of front leg bowing. This is frequently misdiagnosed as rickets (calcium deficiency).

Barbara Steudeman